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“Solar UV” Intercomparison 2014

The Program is available here

Within the framework of the EMRP-ENV03 project “Solar UV”, the consortium of the Joint Research Project provides the opportunity to the solar UV community to access the tools and techniques developed during the last 3 years of the project. To decrease current uncertainties in measuring spectral solar UV radiation the achievements of the project will be applied in an Intercomparison of different End-User devices being held on:

7- 16 July 2014 in Davos, Switzerland


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The intercomparison will be hosted by the World Radiation Center (PMOD/WRC) and following activities will take place:

-     Intercomparison of global solar irradiance measurements from different instruments (array spectroradiometer, scanning spectroradiometer) with the QASUME reference spectroradiometer.

-     On-site absolute spectral irradiance calibrations using traceable transfer standards.

-     Linearity and wavelength characterisations of array and scanning spectroradiometers using new developed wavelength calibration devices.

The participants of the intercomparison will be introduced to – and can work with - the new developed devices, methods and software such as:

-     UV LED based and Laser Driven Light Source as new portable travel standard

-     Two different wavelength calibration devices

-     A new software tool for stray light correction and bandwidth/wavelength homogenization for scanning- and array spectroradiometer

-     Uncertainty estimation tools for array spectroradiometer

-     The UV hyperspectral imager

A detailed program of the Intercomparison will be available from this web-page by 17 March 2014.

The results of the Intercompasion will be published in a report in August 2014

The services of the Intercomparison and the use of PMOD/WRC UV calibration facilities in the laboratory are free of charge. The participants are requested to register for the entire period of the Intercomparison with this web-page.


Important Deadlines:

-          First Call for the Intercomparison                  January 2014

-          Preliminary Program                                    17 March 2014

-          Registration                                                 17 April 2014

-          Final Program                                              23 May 2014

-          Intercomparison                                           7-16 July 2014

-          Report                                                         29 August 201




At the 2nd half of the Intercomparison the third “Solar UV” Workshop is also being hosted by the World Radiation Center (PMOD/WRC) and being held on:

15-16 July 2014

For more information and detail for registration for the UV workshop please visit this web-site.

Note that the participants of the workshop should also additionally register for the Workshop. The participation to the workshop is also possible for interested audience who will not participate to the Intercomparison.


For accomodation please contact Davos Tourism.

!!! Please note: From 3 - 6 of July a major event where many visitors are expected takes place in Davos.  To ensure your accomodation we recommend to book your room early in time!!!

For further information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.