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Welcome to PMOD center for the nowcast and short-term forecast


    The nowcast and short-term forecast of the space weather are driven by the different observational data gained recently a lot of attention, because the Solar activity variations are able to induce substantial changes in the Earth environment, which turn out to be important for the space operations, radio-wave propagation, GPS functioning and many other aspects of the mankind activity.  Among other elements of the space weather it is of an interest to understand and predict the response of the neutral and charged compounds in the middle atmosphere to the variability of the Sun activity. An important aspect of this issue is an evaluation and prediction of the response of the middle atmosphere to the solar ultraviolet irradiance variability. The composition and temperature in the middle atmosphere are defined by the photolysis and heating rates, which depend directly on the Sun activity and also by complicated non-linear advective and turbulent transport of the species.

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The nowcasting is temporary unavailable due to interruption of  UV data service. We'll keep you update.


The nowcast service is again fully available. Enjoy!


The nowcast service is still not available. Now it is due to interruption of  UV data service. It is planned to provide the UV spectra in the nearest time. We will keep you informed.


The nowcast service  is not available from 9 August 2012 due to PMOD/WRC moving to a new building. Renewal of the service is scheduled for August 21-22. We will keep you updated.  



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