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Kick-off Meeting


The Kick-off Meeting of the SOLID Project has been successfully held February 12-14, 2013 at PMOD/WRC in Davos, Switzerland.

Thank you all for coming to the Kick-off Meeting!


The programme of the kick-off meeting can be downloaded from here.

The presentations given during the SOLID Kick-off meeting can be found here.




1. PMOD/WRC, Switzerland

Margit Haberreiter
Wolfgang Finsterle
Christoph Wehrli
Alexander Shapiro
Gael Cessateur

2. CNRS, France

Gérard Thuillier
Thierry Dudok de Wit
Matthieu Kretzschmar
Anatoliy Vuiets

3. Royal Observatory Belgium, Belgium

Veronique Delouille
Cis Verbeeck
Laure Levefre
Ruben de Visscher

4. University of Bradford, UK

Rami Qahwaji
Stan Ipson

5. University of Bremen, Germany

Mark Weber
Wissam Chehade

6. Imperial College London, UK

Yvonne Unruh

7. MPS, Germany

Yvonne Unruh (as replacement of MPS participants)

8. INAF, Italy

Ilaria Ermolli

9. University of Cambridge, UK

Giulio Del Zanna

10. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Klairie Tourpali

11. LASP, Boulder, USA

Tom Woods (excused)