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WP 5: Creating Impact

The aim of this workpackage is to support the dialog between the JRP-Consortium and interested parties including; collaborators, stakeholders, the end-user community, academia, commercial companies, standards organisations and legislative bodies. The project results will be disseminated to the various interest groups via a number of mechanisms described below.


Description of Task 5.1

Knowledge Transfer/Dissemination (SFI Davos, Aalto, CMI, EJPD, INRIM, LNE, PTB, VSL, CMS, Kipp, REG(IMU))

Start August 2011, End: July 2014

The scientific results of this project will be disseminated through the following activities:

  • International Conferences attended by JRP-Partners

  • Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Standards & Committees

  • Website

  • Newsletter “UVNews”

  • Guideline documents

Description of Task 5.2

Training (SFI Davos, Aalto, CMI, EJPD, INRIM, LNE, PTB, VSL, CMS, Kipp, REG(IMU))

Start August 2012, End: June 2014

Background: It can be difficult for end-users to gain access to the solar UV research facilities operated by NMIs

The aim of this task is to give end users access to the NMI facilities to characterise their instruments during the final year of the JRP. At this stage in the JRP, the methods and facilities will have been validated by the JRP-Consortium. In this JRP, the main facilities of interest to the end-user community are expected to be:

  • The characterisation of bandwidth and stray light of array spectroradiometers by means of tuneable laser sources (usually only available at NMIs);

  • Wavelength characterisation methods using newly developed methods and spectral irradiance traceability to primary irradiance standards using portable source standards or detector based standards.

The following activities will be undertaken:

  • Solar UV Intercomparison (at SFI Davos)

  • Stray light and linearity characterisation for stakeholders and colaborators (at PTB)

  • Linearity, wavelength and absolute spectral irradiance characterisation for Stakeholders and collaborators (at Davos Intercomparison)

  • Three stakeholder and collaborator workshops

Description of Task 5.3

Exploitation (SFI Davos, Aalto, CMI, EJPD, INRIM, LNE, PTB, VSL, CMS, Kipp, REG(IMU))

Start August 2011, End: July 2014

The aim of this task is to ensure the best exploitation of knowledge developed in the JRP.

The following new products are attempted to be achieved:


    • UV LED-based transfer standards

    • Laser Driven Light Source

    • New solid state detectors

    • Modified Fourier Transform Spectrometer

    • UV hyperspectral imaging camera

    • Global input optics (new diffuser design)

    • Two UV array spectroradiometer systems (Pre-dispersing device, Prototype band pass spectrograph)


    • Software to determine the uncertainty budget for array spectroradiometers

    • Software for bandwidth, and wavelength homogenisation, and stray light correction