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Ångström Pyrheliometer (if applicable)
1. General data

Serial Number:
Calibration factor now in use: Wm-2 K-1
Last calibration:
History of calibration:
IPC I 1959 value:
IPC II 1964 value:
IPC III 1970 value:
IPC IV 1975 value:
IPC V 1980 value:
IPC VI 1985 value:
IPC VII 1990 value:
IPC VIII 1995 value:
IPC IX 2000 value:
IPC X 2005 value:
RPC value:
RPC value:
other value:
Remarks (repairs, recalibration, etc.):

2. View limiting geometry

v =
w =
x =
y =
l =





3. Auxiliary equipment

a) Current measurements:

Type of instrument: Digital Voltmeter Moving coil instrument
Serial Number:
Accuracy: % full scale
Resolution: % full scale
Temp. coefficient: % K -1
Input impedance: Ohm
Standard resistor: Ohm (state only if current is measured as a voltage drop)
b) Null detector:

Type of instrument: Galvanometer Electronic
Serial Number:
Full scale range normally used:
Input impedance: Ohm
Drift with temperature: V K -1
Drift after warm up: V / 10 min

Absolute Radiometer (if applicable)
1. General data

Serial Number:
Prototype or commercial: Prototype Commercial

2. Type of operation and formula to calculate intensity

a) Describe mode of operation:

b) Formula to calculate intensity, definition of terms and numerical values of constants:
Please indicate if the instrument is equipped with a window:

c) Timing used:

PACRAD type Active type 1 Active type 2
Active type 1
Active type 2

c = closed state o = open state

d) Description of values you will enter in the data acqusitions system (max. 3):

e) Area of aperture:

A = + / - mm2

3. Characterization

Has this particular instrument been characterized (determination of the deviations from ideal behaviour)?
yes no
If checked 'yes', answer the following question, if checked 'no' go on to paragraph f) and give only an estimated uncertainty.
a) Cavity reflectance:

ER = + / -
Method of determination:
b) Difference in response between radiation and electrical heating (non-equivalence, e.g. different temperature distribution in the cavity, resistance of black coating, aperture heating, etc.):

EHE = + / -
Method of determination:
c) influence of diffraction and straylight in view limiting device:

EST = + / -
Method of determination:
d) Lead heating

ELE = + / -
Method of determination:
e) Any further deviations if applicable:

Method of determination:
f) Summary of error analysis (Values in W / m2 at 1000 W / m2 irradiance level)

Sum of uncertainties:   rms= + / - W / m2

4 . View limiting geometry

R =
r =
l =





1. Power requirements

Wherever possible, please set all your equipment to accept the Swiss AC mains power (230 V, 50 Hz).

Upon request each measuring place can be supplied with the following additional power:

AC: 115 V, 50 Hz; 115V, 60Hz
DC: 6 V regulated and 2 V regulated

For planning the power distribution we need the following information:

Item Voltage [V(, Hz)] Power [W] Remarks
The workspace on the tables is 1 x 0.75 m2, with an elevated platform for the instruments. If you need more space, please justify and specify:

2. Data handling

A web interface will replace the former micro-terminals for manual data ingestion. Netbook computers will be provided if needed. If your instrument runs on an automated data acquisition system you may also upload the data in a standardized format via FTP or use a USB memory stick to transfer the data to the WRC computer. The data format will be distributed in due time.
For manually operated instruments please specify if you will bring your own computer (or other WLAN capable device) or if you will need a netbook provided by the WRC. Operators of automated data acquisition systems please check the button "FTP or USB stick".
Web interface with own computer Web interface with netbook provided by WRC FTP or USB stick

Please note: This form refers to all the instrumentation which you are going to bring to Davos!
I will hand carry my instruments thourgh Swiss customs. I will enter Switzerland at and will use the confirmation as IPC - XI participant (will be sent to you later).


I will send my instruments by air or surface freight according to the shipping instructions (to be distributed later):

The weight of the instrument is approximately kg
The size of the instrument is approximately m3

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