Project Summary

SOLID (First European SOLar Irradiance Data Exploitation) is a collaborative SPACE Project under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. It comprises of 10 Partners from 7 European Countries. It is coordinated by PMOD/WRC and has a budget of 2 Mio EUR. The project ran from 1/12/2012 until 30/11/2015.      

This means that the SOLID Project formally ended in November 30, 2015. The work that has started within SOLID will be finalized and published. Please check regularly the publications of SOLID.   


Key Project Achievements

The key achievements of the SOLID project are:

  1. Homogeneous assessment of the Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) and proxy datasets and the compilation of a SSI and proxy database, including an independent estimate of the short-term and long-term uncertainty of each dataset - for details see WP2: Irradiance and Proxy Data Exploitation
  2. First observational SSI composite using a probabilistic approach - for details see WP4: Reconstruction of SSI based on observed proxies
  3. Reconstruction of SSI since 1700 based on synthetic magnetograms including an uncertainty estimate - for details see WP5: Reconstruction of SSI based on modelled proxies
  4. The SOLID observational composite is used as independent validation of the SSI dataset recommended for the CMIP6 climate model intercomparison - for details see WP6: Scientific Interaction with the user community 


Detailed achievements of each Work Package

    WP2: Irradiance and Proxy Data Exploitation                   WP3: Solar Image processing WP2  - Irradiance and Proxy data exploitation WP3 - Solar Image Segmentation

 WP4: Modelling SSI based on observed proxies       WP5: Modelling SSI based on modelled proxies

"WP4 - SSI Reconstruction based on observed proxies"

                WP6: Scientific Interaction with the user community                         WP8: Dissemination

WP6 - Scientific Interaction with the user communityWP8 - Dissemination


Users of the datasets made available via this webpage should add the following acknowledgement:

"We acknowledge that the the development of the dataset received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 2012) Project SOLID ( under grant agreement no 313188." 

Furthermore, we acknowledge the collaboration with the International Team on "Scenarios of Future Solar Activity for Climate Modelling" at the International Space Science Institute (ISSI, Bern), and the COST Action TOSCA (Towards a more complete understanding of the solar influence on climate).