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Submitted Deliverables

D1.1 Establishment and kick-off meeting of the consortium and formulation of the rules of collaboration (PMOD/WRC)

D1.2 Formation of the Advisory Board (PMOD/WRC)

D2.1 SSI data collection (UniBre)

D2.2 Preliminary refined SSI & ground based proxy time series (UniBre)

D2.3 SSI composite in the UV (UniBre) - postponed from 30/11/2014

D2.4 Report on the intercalibration of CDS and SEM (UCAM) 

D2.5 Recommendation on existing SSI & proxy time series (CNRS)

D2.6 Recommendation for future SSI observations (CNRS)

D2.7 Scientific papers on solar irradiance data and solar proxies (CNRS)

D3.1 Filling factors catalogue for SOHO magnetogram and continuum images (UNIBRAD)

D3.2 Filling factors catalogue for SOHO EUV images (ROB)

D3.3 Filling factors catalogue for ground-based images (INAF)

D3.4 Filling factors catalogue for PROBA2 images (ROB)

D3.5 Filling factors catalogue for PICARD images (UNIBRAD) 

D3.6 Higher level SSI products (UNIBRAD)

D3.7 Compilation of segmentation maps into SOLID Data Archive (ROB)

D4.1 SSI record based on empirical reconstruction from solar proxies (CNRS, LPC2E)

D4.2 Improved atmosphere structures for the synthesis of the EUV/UV spectrum (PMOD/WRC)

D4.3 Improvement of the atomic data set employed in the spectral synthesis (UCAM)

D4.4. Reconstruction and validation of EUV/UV Spectral irradiance based on SOHO/EIT, PSPT and Ca II image (PMOD/WRC)

D4.5 Reconstruction and validation EUV/UV Spectral irradiance based on PROBA2/SWAP, PSPT and Ca II image (PMOD/WRC)

D4.6 Reconstruction and validation EUV/UV Spectral irradiance based on PICARD/SODISM, PSPT and Ca II images (PMDO/WRC)

D4.7 Comprehensive SSI data set from the EUV to IR for the Space Era based on all available image analyses (PMOD/WRC) 

D4.8 Recommendation for SSI variations for WP6 (CNRS)

D5.1 Release daily solar full-disk simulated magnetograms (MPS)

D5.2 Release the final time series of the reconstructed daily total solar irradiance (MPS)

D5.3 Release of the time series of the reconstructed daily spectral solar irradiance (Imperial)

D5.4 Recommendation of total and spectral irradiance reconstruction for WP6 (Imperial)

D6.1 Review report of ongoing and past studies on the use of TSI and SSI (AUTH)

D6.2 Report on results from the survey: Determination of the needs of climate and chem.-climate community (AUTH)

D6.3 Determination of the needs of the wider scientific atmospheric and photobiology communities (AUTH)

D6.4 Recommended time series based on results from WP2, WP4, and WP5 for the user communities (AUTH)

D7.1 Kick-off science meeting of SOLID (PMOD/WRC)

D8.1 Project Webpage (PMOD/WRC)

D8.2 Database to disseminate the irradiance time series and segmentation maps (PMOD/WRC)

D8.3 Workshop and conference material, including presentations and proceedings (AUTH) (Postponed from 31/07/2014) 

D8.4 Report on the use of the data base (AUTH)