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Davos, 27 September - 15 October 2010


The Eleventh International Pyrheliometer Comparisons (IPC-XI) are organized by the World Radiation Center (WRC) on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The IPC-XI are combined with the Regional Pyrheliometer Comparisons (RPCs) of all regions.

The IPC-XI will be held 27 September - 15 October 2010 at the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos (PMOD/WRC) in Davos Dorf, Switzerland.

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The working language of the comparisons is English.


PMOD/WRC is situated within walking distance from the village center and railway station of Davos Dorf.

Davos is located in the mountains of Grisons, the easternmost canton of Switzerland at an elevation of 1560 meters above sea level. The average daily minimum temperatures in September are -1.1°C and -4.8°C in October. The average daily maximum temperatures reach 21.4°C and 18.6°C, respectively. The average sunshine duration is 55% of the possible sunshine duration. A documentation on Davos and its facilities will be distributed upon your arrival. Davos is also the home of one of the largest skiing and hiking resorts in the Alps.

How to get to Davos

For most IPC-XI participants it will be most convenient to fly into Zurich airport, which is Switzerland's largest international airport.
Zurich international airport is directly linked to Switzerland's extensive railway network. In most cases you will have to travel through Zurich main station (Zürich HB). From there intercity trains leave every hour on the minute 37 with connecting service at Landquart to Davos Dorf. Intercity and commuter trains connect Zurich airport with Zurich main station several times per hour. Please use the interactive timetable on the right to find your most convenient connection.

Train tickets can be bought either online or at the railway station's ticket booth or vending machines. Seating is open on all trains. Prior reservation is possible but not normally necessary. For a fee of ~20 Swiss Francs per piece luggage can be sent by train but will arrive only on the following day at your destination.

If you have additional travel plans within Switzerland you might want to check out the link "Visitors from abroad" on the SBB ticket shop.

If you prefer to travel by car you can find driving directions here.



To: Davos Dorf
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Hotel accommodation

Arrangements have been made with the Hotel Meierhof in Davos Dorf to accommodate the IPC-XI participants. The hotel is within a ten minutes walk from PMOD/WRC. As in previous years, Hotel Meierhof offers a very favourable deal compared to normal room rates in Davos. A hotel reservation form will be be sent to you after you register for IPC-XI.


A welcome reception will be held on Sunday evening, 26 September at the Hotel Meierhof.
Monday morning will be dedicated for instrument set-up and test runs.


The comparisons are intended for working standard pyrheliometers such as absolute radiometers and compensation pyrheliometers of the Ångström type.

Each participating instrument must be accompanied by all necessary equipment (including a solar tracker) and trained personnel to allow self-contained operations. No assistance can be provided by PMOD/WRC in making the observations.

PMOD/WRC will provide bench space for each participating institution/center with a power outlet (230V AC or 110V AC, 50 Hz). A limited number of 110V, 60 Hz outlets can be provided if needed, as well as 2 or 6 V DC for Ångström pyrheliometers. If necessary, laptop computers will be provided for data ingestion into the central data acquisition system. Participants may also use their own WLAN equipped device to connect to a web interface for submitting their data. Participants must provide their own sun tracking equipment.

Storing space for instrumentation will be available inside the PMOD/WRC main building.

Procedures and Data Acquisition

Measurements will be taken in series of 21 minutes duration with a 90- seconds base cadence. A 30-seconds sub-cadence is currently being evaluated for HF and similar type instruments. Visual as well as aural guidance will ensure proper synchronization of the readings.
Participants are required to maintain a log-book (either electronic or on paper) of all their readings. Data submission to the IPC-XI data acquisition computer has to occur either manually via the dedicated web interface in real-time or by file upload to the dedicted FTP directory.
For connecting to the web interface laptop computers will be provided to participants who do not have their own WLAN capable device. If you plan to upload your readings to the FTP directory please make sure your data files accord with the file name and data format conventions.

If possible the output of individual values keyed-in by the participants will be handed out for checking after each series. At the end of the day, all results will be posted.

A wireless LAN (WLAN) connection will be available to connect to the data acquisition computer.


Negotiations are currently under way with Swiss customs authorities to simplify import and export procedures for IPC-XI equipment and instruments. Details will be announced as soon as available.

The costs for transportation are at the expense of the participant.

Download sample shipping instructions: 2010_IPC_XI_Shipping_Instructions


On cloudy days symposium talks and a course on radiation measurements will be given. A detailed program for the course on radiation measurements is currently being compiled by CIMO experts.

Participants are encouraged to prepare a presentation in order to share exprience with radiation measurement and/or instrument calibration.


The 3rd Filter Radiometer Comparison (FRC-III) will be held again during the IPC-XI. Please check back soon for more information.


Several participants of previous IPC's have expressed their interest in a PV (photovoltaics) panel intercomparison. PMOD/WRC cannot offer spectroradiometer measurements or any other significant expertise in the field of PV. Nevertheless, IPC-XI participants may bring and operate their PV panels alongside their pyrheliometers, space and other resources permitting. Interested parties may contact Wolfgang Finsterle (wolfgang_at_pmodwrc.ch) who will then try to coordinate their needs.

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